Different Types of Hookahs Out There

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Different Types of Hookahs Out There

With all the hookah options accessible today, it is difficult to tell precisely what you are getting. No doubt pictures are nice, but does that truly tell you what you wish to know. Fortunately for you, here is a little information to help you decide.

Egyptian hookahs are the traditional type, the type you will in many authentic Raleigh NC hookah cafes. They are usually tall, around 3ft, elaborate, and offer a remarkable smoke. They are nice piece to have around the home, but they are not too easy to move around, so if profitability is a concern, you might wish to consider other options.

Then there’re Lebanese hookahs, elaborate pieces that are generally hand-made which set these apart from other hookahs. Glossy, yet elegant, they are a certain conversation starter.

Modern hookahs are a combination of old-world style & new-world convenience. With portability as an important factor in most, they’ll fit your on-the-go lifestyle. On the upper end of the modern spectrum, you will find bigger hookahs, some rotating, with snazzy, and often space-aged looking stems and bases. They are not as common at hookah bars, but for use at homes, they are a certain contender.

Turkish hookahs are a breed of their own, ranging from pretty small to generously large. They avail in all shapes, from simple & down to earth, to elaborate and totally breath-taking. They are a group hookah, many coming with 2 or more hoses, so it makes sharing easy. You are likely to see these anywhere else than in the comfort of your own living room.

Syrian hookahs are arguably one of the best. Seemly & wee-crafted, they provide smoke that’s nearly unmatchable. They are stylish, strong, and best of all, quite unique, which makes them a real crowd-pleaser. The attention to detail is amazing, and so is the delight you get from using them.

Last but not least comes the Bohemian variety, which is on the larger side, but very well-built. They, more often than not, feature a fascinating threading system, with the stem factually screwing on to the stem. Not just does this makes them far more stable, but also assures practically no leakage, so you get all the smoke you wish. They have a certain charm to them, making them bland yet savvy all at the same time.

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